Confessions of a Slacker Boob: 4 Fixes to Balance out Your Supply

My Left Breast is a Champion.

Always full and ready for action, the left side is my son’s favorite side. When I pump, tiny streams of milk shoot out, full force. Righty, however, is a different story. My right breast is my slacker boob. Easily producing 3/4 of the oz my left side gives out, it never feels as full, and my son spends far less time on it. I have come to accept it as normal. Fortunately because I work at home, pumping is not something I need to do regularly, so I don’t pay much attention to my slacker boob.

confessions of a slacker boob
Goodness I love those breast-fed rolls!

When I first noticed the difference, with my first kid, honestly, I freaked out a little.

Facebook Mom groups weren’t as prevalent, or if they were, I didn’t know much about them. I went to my new-mom resource at the time: babycenter forums. Relieved to discover how normal having a slacker boob was, I put the concern from my mind and moved on.

Confessions of a Slacker Boob

And it is totally, completely normal to have lopsided boobs which produce at different rates! What a relief!

Now, I follow quite a few mom boards on Facebook, particularly breastfeeding ones. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about getting factual data and studies to back up any medical inquiries that pop in my busy brain, but sometimes it is nice to just have that online support group of moms who say “it’s ok, I have been there too!” Recently, I have noticed lots of pictures come across my newsfeed of pumped bottles, one full, one only half full.

What is wrong with me?

Why is one side making less than the other?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Answer: There is nothing wrong with you, or your slacker boob!

It is totally, completely normal to have a slacker boob.

However, if it bothers you, and you’d like to get that slacker up to speed, or boost your supply, here are some tips to help. Remember, your body works on a supply and demand basis. So the more you stimulate your breast to produce milk, the more its going to produce.

confessions of a slacker boob

You can…

  • Pump an extra 10 minutes from the slacker side-
  • Power pump the slacker an extra time in between pump/nursing sessions- 2-3x a day
  • Begin each nursing session on the slacker boob side, instead of switching back and forth. (At least until it evens out a little more)
  • Stay Hydrated! The biggest tip I give every nursing mother is WATER WATER WATER!

Also, Do not worry if you look a little lopsided, once your little one weans from the breast, they should even out to be about the same size. (Even if they never truly go back to the shape they once were!)

Happy Boobing!


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