Every mom knows well that motherhood, no matter how wonderful and rewarding it is, can be challenging and tiring. Especially in the first few months of your baby’s life.


Although our little bundles of joy do make us happy, many new moms find themselves dealing with postpartum depression in addition to many demanding responsibilities motherhood entails. I was no exception.

5 Essential Ways Babywearing Helps you Deal with Postpartum Depression

While there is no single strategy that solves this problem overnight, a few healthy habits can make a huge difference in helping you cope with postnatal depression. 

Babywearing is in fact one of them!

Such a simple behavior has an endless list of benefits that can help you overcome this severe issue by nurturing your mind back to health and promoting your baby’s and your own well-being.

1. It builds an emotional connection

During the first several weeks as a mom dealing with postpartum depression, you might experience difficulties connecting with your newborn.

In cases of traumatic conceptions, difficult pregnancies or complicated births, a mom can be even more affected by the lack of emotional closeness with her baby. This is where babywearing is surprisingly helpful. It allows you to feel your baby’s heartbeat, sense their every wiggle and the physical closeness that it provides will slowly create a natural emotional bond, which you will be able to nurture and cherish even further.


2. It gives you time to rest and recuperate

As your baby gets used to the new environment, you will most likely not be able to get a full hour of uninterrupted sleep for weeks. Preparing a meal without jumping to every sound your baby makes can leave you completely drained.

Dealing with postpartum depression only adds to this feeling of overwhelming exhaustion.

It makes it almost impossible to enjoy your role as a mom. Babies that are worn in slings and carriers actually become less fussy and they have a lower tendency to cry when they wake up.

Your constant touch and warmth will soothe the baby giving you plenty of time to rest in a comfortable armchair or even make a tasty meal to replenish your strength and energy.

3. It allows comfortable breastfeeding

Sometimes even the most experienced moms have trouble getting their newborns to latch on. Depression can only amplify the feelings of anxiousness and frustration.

For instance, I had trouble finding the right position to breastfeed my restless baby girl and my lack of energy only made it worse. When I started wearing my baby in a comfortable safe pouch, every breastfeeding session turned into an intimate bonding experience. 5 Essential Ways Babywearing Helps you Deal with Postpartum Depression

If you are new to babywearing like I was, make sure to check out other moms’ experiences. Reading their reviews on forums and social media will help you make a decision. Also, making sure to research everything about baby carriers online can be extremely helpful. 

Relevant factors such as material, durability, adaptability and size, will help you find the most suitable carrier for you and your baby.


4. It allows you more “Me-Time”

Depression in any form numbs your motivation to care for yourself. Postnatal depression is no exception. 

Spending all of that time caring for your baby is a perfectly natural desire but if you completely disregard your needs, that will easily affect your mental well-being in the long-run.

Moms that opt for wearing their babies on a regular basis, on the other hand, have much more time and freedom to tend to their own needs.

With my hands free and my baby sound asleep cooing on my chest, I quickly become more confident and relaxed. This has given me more time to practice self-care. Whether it is putting on some makeup, doing my hair, having a long-awaited phone call with my best friend or just reading my favorite book, devoting time to myself has done wonders for my emotional health.

It has encouraged a positive state of mind.

5. It nurtures your baby

Babywearing has been like a partner in my role as a mom.

It supports your baby’s physical development. All the way from hip and back strengthening  to healthy sleeping patterns. It helps you get more attuned to your baby’s body language and cues so you can react more quickly and efficiently when your child is hungry or needs changing. Since it also soothes the baby and ensures a secure, healthy attachment, wearing your baby will provide you with a peace of mind that would otherwise seem impossible. 

5 Essential Ways Babywearing Helps you Deal with Postpartum DepressionMotherhood is challenging enough as it is. Having a mom overburdened with symptoms of postnatal depression can be very risky for both her and her baby.

In addition to seeking help from a medical professional, every mom can try to do her best by implementing simple, healthy habits that will help her cope with depression. I can safely say from a personal experience that babywearing is one of the best choices you can make to ease yourself into your new role and enjoy motherhood from day one.

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5 Essential Ways Babywearing Helps you Deal with Postpartum Depression

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