This past August 4th Breastfeeding World celebrated its Second Annual Big Latch On on Martha’s Vineyard.

Thanks to the wonderful participation of our community members we were able to beat our 2016 record by having 21 nursing mothers join us in the synchronized latch on at 10:30 am as well as a total of 60 attendees.

Months of planning and organizing brought yet another successful event to our island community with our goal of promoting but most importantly supporting our local breastfeeding moms.

Each year Breastfeeding World works hard to be able to bring breastfeeding awareness and support through our web portal, our photography project as well as our successful events. With out teams of volunteers we strive to give back to our local communities by giving them the opportunity to enjoy a day to celebrate breastfeeding, to share their experiences and to meet other mommies that are going through the same.

“My favorite part was meeting so many amazing moms, hearing their stories and being able to breastfeed comfortably with no judgment.” – said Jessica Mawjeski  a 2017 MV Attendee.

The best part of our events is that we not only integrate our moms and dads but also other family members. A good support system for a nursing mother is extremely important for her success, specially during the first few months after giving birth.


Enjoying it for the second year in a row….

This year we were extremely happy seeing familiar faces that had previously participated in our Latch On last year, we had seven nursing moms that came back this 2017 to participate with their now toddlers. What gave us more satisfaction was knowing that many of them were continuing with their extended breastfeeding journey.

“So wonderful to be part of this gathering again! I loved seeing the mothers and kiddos I met last year as well as made some new friends.” – Elizabeth Bonifacio ’16 &’17 MV Participant.

Breastfeeding into toddlerhood can bring its own set of challenges and if your family has grown then it can be even harder but definitely not impossible. A lot of people truly think that once the baby hits the first year mark there is no reason to continue nursing but the reality is that extended breastfeeding continues to provide your baby with enhanced nutrition, it helps boosts their immune system and brain development and it is also soothing and calming for both moms and their little ones.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful event! It was great to see everyone that participated in the past and meet some new moms and babes. I appreciate the empowerment each and every women shares with me just by being together.” – Sarah Mattson 2016 & 2017 MV Participant.



We couldn’t have done it alone…

Breastfeeding World started as a self funded photography project back in 2014 by our founder Alexia Garcia, it quickly became an online community that offers support to moms around the world and it’s still being self funded.

For our Coast to Coast Big Latch On events this year we were able to partner with some amazing companies and small business that made these events not only possible but extremely successful.

We would like to thank our MV Gold Contributors once again:

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As well as our local and All Star Donators:

  • The Little Herbal
  • Logan & Lenora
  • BettyRatBag
  • Young Living Oils – Olivia Butler
  • Lularoe – Kealee Rainaud
  • Frida Baby
  • Goddess Garden
  • Hooked on Awe
  • Crow Bear’s Chunky Chews
  • Earth Mama Organics
  • Diono
  • Hakkaa
  • Cat & Wolf Cloth Diapers
  • Ewe leave me in stitches
  • Bessies Best
  • Oat Mama



“So happy to have shared today with you. It was such an amazing experience to share the day with so many different moms from so many different backgrounds and everyone just getting along. There was no judgment, no sneers, not a single negative aspect of the entire event. I know I didn’t talk to many people but it was still an amazing experience to share.” – said Lee Jaime Lutke 2017 MV participant.


As long as you support breastfeeding you are welcome to join us in celebrating these moms that have pushed through in their journeys. We look forward for yet another successful and happy event in 2018. Thank you all for your support!

Be sure to join us in our social media accounts and be up to date with the progress of our project!
And… Don’t forget to share your brelfies using our hashtag





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