Breastfeeding Mom laid off due to pumping requirements, hampton inn, hampton inn hotel, ariana gossnard, alexia garcia, breastfeeding worldA couple days back we published the story of Ariana Gossard, a single mom who lost her job after returning from maternity leave due to having some requirements in regard to pumping breastmilk.

We spoke with Ariana over the weekend and she was very humbled to have received an enormous amount of support from her family, friends and even total strangers. “It is a heart warming feeling that so many people support me for the decision I have made to breastfeeding my daughter and to continue to breastfeed her even while trying to work.” Sais Ariana.

Mothers from all around New Jersey and New York have united and planned a Nurse-In to support Ariana take place this Sunday August 16 at 10:30 am at the Hampton Inn Hotel of Bordentown, New Jersey.

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According to Ariana the Hampton Inn Hotel has not reached out to her since the news broke about this incident, numerous reporters have tried contacting the corporate offices but haven’t had any luck. So we will have to wait until after the nurse-in to see their reaction to this matter.

Breastfeeding-mom-laid-off-pumping-requirements-breastfeeding-world-3“As of today, a week since the day I was fired, I’m still trying to get myself together. I can’t believe I really lost a job of two years that I absolutely loved all because I became a breastfeeding mother and wanted to return to work and be able to express my breastmilk so that I could continue giving my daughter the best nourishment a baby can receive.” comented Ariana.

Being a single parent, Ariana has made it her priority to find a job because she has many bills to pay, she has began job hunting and hopes to have found a new job by the beginning of September. She is very optimistic and knows that although this incident happened to her there is nothing that will stop her for achieving her goals all while breastfeeding. One of the sayings she lives by is: “When there’s a will, there’s a way,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Ariana has found a lawyer and has decided that she will be taking legal actions against the Hampton Inn Hotel of Bordentown, New Jersey. We will have updates for all of you in regards to the Nurse-In later today.

Ariana, we truly wish you all the best and thanks for being strong and standing by your decision of breastfeeding your little girl.

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