Month: August 2017

Why Do Some Parents Hide Their Baby’s Gender? Guest Post

hide the gender breastfeeding world

More and more parents are giving their children complete autonomy when it comes to their gender identity. Last July, news broke that Searyl Atli Doty, an eight-month-old baby received a health card that did not specify the infant’s sex. The first baby ever. In place of the “M” or “F,” what appeared instead was a […]

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Finding Unity at Central Indiana’s 2017 Big Latch On

On August 5, over 180 mothers and 480 Breastfeeding supporters gathered to nurse their babies, discover resources, and finally, celebrate! Families came from all over for Central Indiana’s Breastfeeding World 2017 Big Latch On in Central Indiana. Why a huge event, about something so simple as feeding a child? Breastfeeding moms, feeding babies? What’s the […]

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How to Create a Lovely Reading Nook for Your Child -by Emma Lawson

reading nook breastfeeding world

Creating the perfect reading nook is a great way to get your child excited about curling up with a good book. Encouraging your children to read is very important for their development and education, especially these days when many people are more likely to watch a movie. Reading has numerous benefits for the brain. Envisioning plots […]

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