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Oxytocin Power: Neuroscience shows how breastfeeding is more than milk


Breastmilk is amazing, yes, but neuroscience shows that breastfeeding has many benefits that extend beyond the milk itself. Have you heard of oxytocin? It’s a hormone most famous for its role in childbirth and nursing. Oxytocin gets contractions going, and in breastfeeding it goes hand in hand with prolactin, the hormone that’s in charge of […]

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New Mom Confessions: Will I Ever Stop Hating My Partner?

Aliya Cutler's Breastfeeding World Mom Blog Debut- a bluntly honest, tongue-in-cheek description about the relationships between new mother and new father, and answers the question- Will I Ever Stop Hating My Partner? | Post Partum Depression | Newborn | New Mom | New Dad | Relationship goals | Post Partum Recovery | Breastfeeding Mom | Breastfed Newborn | New Parents | New Parent Tips | Doula | Birth Tips | Birthing Tips|

We’ve all seen the movies- a young, gorgeous couple has drunk sex, conceives a baby effortlessly, woman goes into labor and channels all of her discomfort at her husband- yelling and cursing at him, “YOU DID THIS TO ME”. Then baby is born (magically already clean and swaddled) and the parents share a knowing look, […]

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Power in Imagery: Real Moms Breastfeeding on Instagram

power in imagery; photos of moms breastfeeding on instagram

8 Home Remedies you need to ease nausea & flu symptoms quickly

Elderberry syrup is a time

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Jk. It’s cold, miserable, and everyone walks around in a permanent state of grumpy & frozen. But I’m talking about the worst part of this time of year.  I’m talking about nausea, vomiting, chills… you know, flu season. As a childcare provider, there are two times of […]

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