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Dear Baby, I Wish For You…

Oh the pleasure it brings me to witness my son’s sense of wonderment and appreciation of the world. The ability that he has to embrace the good in every person is refreshing. The capacity to sense safety in all environments; inspirational. He is innocent and pure. For me, this innocence is one of the most beautiful things […]

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Our Journey Together – NYC’s Third Annual Big Latch On

Is there such a thing as the “perfect latch?”

breastfeeding Landon

I remember before Landon was born, spending hours upon hours on Pinterest trying to research different articles on how this whole ‘mommy-thing’ works. I have heard a lot of stories from mothers who stopped breastfeeding early on because, “my baby just couldn’t latch.” I would ask myself, is it that the baby couldn’t latch or […]

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Boundaries for nursing toddlers: How to maintain a harmonious nursing relationship

Nursing etiquette – breastfeeding your child past infancy Let’s face it, anyone who is breastfeeding a toddler knows that it is a totally different ball game to nursing a tiny, squishy newborn. Gone are the days where there’s no need for nursing boundaries. Forgotten memories linger of quiet, still, cozy breastfeeding sessions. No longer can […]

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