Breastfeeding World Events & Projects

From our Big Latch On events, to our local free photo sessions all over the world, to our Milk Mates Project, Breastfeeding World is constantly finding ways to uplift and support families through social media and in localized locations. Here is the latest on our projects:

Power in Imagery: Real Moms Breastfeeding on Instagram

power in imagery; photos of moms breastfeeding on instagram

See darling photos of the breastfeeding people of Guåhan (Guam)

Breastfeeding World, Guam

The Ultimate Give Away Party: Breastfeeding World’s Week of Thanks-Giving

Breastfeeding World's Week of Thanks-Giving Giveaways, Sponsored by Kindred Bravely, Biiby, and Our Green House

I Know Loss – Supporting Those Suffering From Child Loss