The Rainbow Photo Session

As we arrived at the park on October 15th, I knew that it would be an emotional, beautiful and love-filled day. But, I did not expect the strength and the immediate bond between everyone there. It was incredible to watch, as each mother stood together, how interwoven they each were. They were bound together in an indescribable way. It was the most beautiful thing I could ever witness. 

Each mother was different, each story was different, every experience was different, and yet something felt the same. As they looked at their rainbow children, the beautiful little lights of hope, you could see all of the love among them. You could feel their angels there with us, watching over them. And, you could see on the face of every mother, that they were always carrying their precious babies; even when the world wasn’t. 

Mini Sessions with each of our mommas

We wanted each and every mom to have a special experience on this day. To remember and honor their babies gone too soon and acknowledge the special place their rainbow baby has in their hearts. 

As they came together….

Everything about this shoot was natural and beautiful. Bound together in loss, love and motherhood, each mom radiated an incredible strength that I deeply admire.

October 15th ~ Remembrance Day

As the day of remembrance, we participated in the wave of light together. We went around and spoke each baby’s name or due date. In the darkness, we sat, looking into each glowing light, remembering the lives that each flickering candle represented. We, at Breastfeeding World, are honored to be able to participate in something so incredibly moving. 

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank each of the wonderful mothers who offered their time, their stories and their hearts to us on this day. It means the world to be able to share this with our community and to honor your children and all of the children gone too soon. I would also like to thank Kim from Kim Max Photography for donating her time and talent to our shoot. Finally, Te-Ana Souffrant of Gem2Gen Doula services, who provided us the guidance and space to speak about loss openly and honestly. It was so wonderful to have all of you. 

I also would like to show appreciate to the following small businesses who generously donated their beautiful work for our moms and their families to use as props:

Mova-Light Maternity for the beautiful Dresses

Laura Costarella, Blue Stone Sky for the Rainbow Gauze

Jena Glasgow, Lilac Blossom Boutique for the Rainbow Maternity Sash

Jen at The Ritzy Rose for the Rainbow Baby Sign

Amanda Stinnet, Pretty Girl Bow Shop for the Felt Flower Headbands

Annie Edwards, My Little Itch, Rainbow Bow Tie 

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