Breastfeeding Christmas Morning
Breastfeeding Christmas Morning

It’s a new year and with a new year comes new goals, challenges, accomplishments, and change. Although many mamas extend-breastfeed past two years old, I really don’t think it’s in the cards for my daughter and me. So, this new year is most likely the year my daughter’s and my breastfeeding relationship and journey will come to an end. I certainly cannot see the future and life can be surprising, so I guess there’s always a chance I could be wrong; however, I just don’t think that will be the case for us.

Just another day in the life of a breastfeeding mama with her baby girl.
Just another day in the life of a breastfeeding mama with her baby girl.

Next Tuesday, January 12, will mark 21 months of our breastfeeding anniversary (and my daughter’s 21-month-birthday). Even a month ago, I was very confident we would make it to 2 years and some time afterwards. But, now things have changed within the past few weeks. I have had 21 amazing months breastfeeding my daughter and she’s not done yet; she’s not going down without a fight! I have started to become tired and worn out from all her night feedings, which led to my decision to try and night wean her this past month. Because of that, my body’s hormones changing, and family planning, my milk took a big hit in the last couple of weeks. It seemed to be overnight that I all of a sudden was not as full, and I even had a hard time one morning having my letdown. She still nurses 4-5 times from morning to night but because I cut the night feedings (3-4) this month, my body started to think it was done or something.

Just us <3
Just us <3

The first morning I noticed a big change, I woke up and tried to feed her but ended up having trouble. I was so caught off guard by this situation my emotions got the best of me. I started questioning myself, being hard on myself for trying to night wean her too soon. Thankfully, my husband calmed me down, reminding me that we were not done and that I just needed more water, rest, good food, and breastfeeding supplements, if needed. But one thing was for sure, the most important thing of all: I believe in my body! I know if we are not done, we are not done. I need to stay positive, take care of my body, and feed my daughter when she wants.
I spent a couple of days rehydrating (like crazy), eating well, sleeping, and turning back to my lactation supplements. I first had the last couple of Mrs. Patel’s Ayurvedic, yummy, chocolate lactation bars I had in my freezer. Then, I tried my new MilkyMama’s delicious lemonade, rich and perfect brownies, and mouthwatering oatmeal cookies. The MilkyMama’s lactation goodies are less potent due to no Ayurvedic herbs and did take a few days to go in to full effect but worked really well when using recommended intake everyday.

A New Year for Breastfeeding, this 2016 will be a great year and I hope it’s filled with surprises!

Love our The Vintage Honey Shop nursing necklace!
Love our nursing necklace!

Now, I still successfully breastfeed my daughter during the day, but because my milk supply seemed to be depleting so quickly, it motivated me to be proactive to prevent loosing what I still have, just in case. I thought it was going to take me a full month or two to slow down my night supply, so when it seemed like it pretty much disappeared after only a week of trying to night wean, I was very emotional. My supply has been so high the past 20 months that it caught me off guard when my body reacted so quickly.

"I've got your shirt mom, don't worry!"
“I’ve got your shirt mom, don’t worry!”

I know we are definitely not done yet, but this year will most likely will be our year we stop. This 2016 is going to be a great year and I hope it’s filled with surprises. Maybe one of those will turn out to be my daughter’s and my breastfeeding journey continuing past two years, but if not I’m okay with that.

I will always be a breastfeeding mama, and I breastfed both my babies, just as I intended and had hoped to do. Here’s to a new year of positive change and growth, new and exciting experiences, and breastfeeding my baby girl.

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