Nursing in public. We all either dread it, or look forward to it. Either way, your baby is going to need to nurse on one of your outings.

With my first baby, I’d always keep the boppy pillow in the car and nurse beforehand, which is completely fine…but not always practical. Most baby stores provide nursing rooms for you but other retail stores don’t. Whether your nursing style is right out in the open, in a room, in the car, or under a blanket, unless you are dressed properly, you’re going to have a hard time.

The Nursing Bra


Most of you know this is a necessity. The nursing bra is normally soft with latches located at the shoulder for easy access to the breasts. All you have to do is undo the clip and latch your child on. You may choose underwire for extra support, but beware. The underwire can press the small milk ducts surrounding your breasts and can sometimes lead to mastitis or clogged ducts.

The Blouse


I’m six foot tall so I normally will opt for an oversize T-shirt with a cami underneath. They do make easy access shirts with special built in bra and snap clips. Great for layering and it makes nursing in public a breeze; you literally just move your shirt to one side and go!

Nursing in public in you carrier or sling

This also makes for discreet nursing in public, and is wonderful if you are walking through a store or theme park. I’ll even do it around the house in my soft structured carrier. Most people will be none the wiser and baby will be close to you and happy.  If you are unsure on how to do this, most carriers now include instructions on how to do this. There are also TONS of YouTube tutorials that explain how to do this for certain types of carriers.

Nursing covers


Ah, the nursing cover! The bane of many a nursing mother’s existences. They work for some moms, others look at it as a symbol of oppression. Either way, if you are using one, it needs to be light weight and breathable for your nursing baby’s sake.

Neither of my girls would nurse under a cover, they got too hot and I found it was a distraction for them. Some companies make amazing covers and they really have come a long way. Some look like stylish like a scarf that can easily and comfortably be worn by mom all day long as part of her outfit. Other nursing covers fold up as a handy bag that can be stashed inside of the diaper bag or purse. Most covers have a wire that is ran through the fabric at the top to allow mom to glance in at baby and for air to flow freely through the cover.

Nursing Necklace


I have to admit that when I started nursing, I honestly thought these were a waste of money and a fad. I am a believer now. After nursing 2 fidgety babies, these are a must have in my opinion. They are necklaces worn by mom while nursing to keep baby pre occupied and helps them finish up with the task at “breast”. You can find an array of nursing necklaces online. Just make sure they are brightly colored and textured. Also take care in finding a non-toxic necklace and if they have beads or shapes, you want to make sure they are secure and cannot be removed by baby and become a potential choking hazard. If you crochet, check out my blog post on how to create one yourself! 

I hope these tips help you while on your nursing journey, because we all know if mama and baby aren’t happy during nursing…ain’t nobody happy!

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