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guest post, black breastfeeding week, aimbriel lasley, purely maternalAimbriel is an Indiana native, wife and mother of four. On top of being a wife and mother and all of the responsibilities that come along with those roles she owns and operates Purely Maternal, LLC. Her passion of breastfeeding and maternal care is an essential part of her life. Being able to educate mothers and families on their options, assisting them with birth planning, breastfeeding education and nutrition is a journey she never thought she would take but she is surely glad she did. She enjoys learning and making new recipes, spending time with her family, learning and loving!

Aimbriel does a lot of education when it comes to breastfeeding, babies and maternal practices overall. There are many times moms can discourage others by sharing these horror stories from friends and family. More specifically in the black community (as a whole) breastfeeding is not a hot topic in families. There is an increase of women who want to “try” but at times conclude their journey very early. Many times it is due to a lack of education or misunderstanding. Frequently, these misunderstandings are rooted in common breastfeeding myths. Hopefully, these facts will help someone in their breastfeeding journey!

Breastfeeding Myths #1- Breastfeeding is going to hurt

Generally, breastfeeding should not intentionally hurt. It may be uncomfortable in the beginning but it should never hurt. Pain indicates an incorrect latch. A painful latch is something to be addressed with a lactation consultant, as it is fixable. However, education is key to understanding the difference between pain and uncomfortable as well as how to avoid it.

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Breastfeeding Myths #2- I can’t eat certain foods

Fact – Not quite. Initially, I encourage mom to eat the food she enjoys and not to limit anything (except for alcohol). The rule of thumb is to watch for cues in your baby. If there is a something in your diet that does not rest well in your little one’s tummy, cut that food out for about 1-2 weeks. At that point you may slowly work it back into your diet.

Breastfeeding Myths #3- I have to pump and dump after consuming alcohol

Fact – You will not need to “pump and dump” if you have one glass of wine or one mixed drink. In order to get rid of every trace of alcohol in your system, you would need to pump and dump for almost 24 hours straight! I always encourage moms to have their glass of wine or mixed drink and water along with it. So, sip your wine, but sip your water, too!

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Breastfeeding Myths #4- My supply will diminish when I return to work

Fact – Breastfeeding IS possible upon returning to work. Working with your lactation counselor or consultant on a plan of action will help ease the transition. Additionally, understanding the difference between breast and bottle and how to feed from a bottle will be key.

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