Her first tutu!
Her first tutu!

Like many new mothers with daughters, I cannot wait for the day that I get to watch my little girl prance around in a tutu at her first dance recital. I’m sure I will be that mom in the front row taking thousands of photos. As for me personally, I am by no means a great dancer, but I do love music and I’ve always felt like when you’re dancing, you are getting a workout without realising it. You just let yourself move and before you know it, hours have gone by.  

However, these days I am not out dancing with my girlfriends on Friday nights like in my early twenties. I do dance around the house with my daughter on my hip occasionally, but it’s not quite the same. My love for dance led me to do some research about dance classes I could enrol in with my baby before she’s old enough to learn on her own.

A little googling and I found out about Babywearing Dance classes

How fun! I had to give it a try. So, this past Monday, I joined a group of other babywearing dance -loving moms at our local dance studio, Jitterbugs Performing Arts Center. And boy, did we dance! For just $15, I got an excellent leg, arm, butt, and cardio workout.

We started the class with some light ballet bar work to get warmed up. Everyone had a baby aged 3 months to 3 years either on their stomach or back. We began with plies, which are basically the French word for squats. We were definitely feeling warm after about 30 plies! Then, we warmed up our arms and it was time for our dance “routine.”

Photo from www.scarymommy.com
Photo from http://www.scarymommy.com

Our class instructor had us learn a quick dance to “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” We did a little salsa, a little cha-cha, some hip-hop, and even some moves you might see at a wedding or bar mitzvah! It was really fun and also hilarious. All of our babies seemed to love it, too. At one point, my 7 month old daughter, Hannah, squealed at just the right time during the song “Spice Up Your Life!” and everyone started laughing. Now I know she likes the Spice Girls!

By the end of the class, we were all pooped, but I think we felt great because we accomplished more than we thought we could. We got some of our coordination and memory back,too. Dance is great for the memory, which for some reason moms seem to always be forgetting one thing behind! Am I right? I feel like I am always running back inside the house to fetch something!


Anyway, Babywearing Dance is my new obsession and I am so glad to see it growing throughout the US. If you don’t have a studio offering Babywearing Dance, you can always use Youtube as an instructor. There are loads of Babywearing Dance videos you can find on there! What did we do before YouTube? So, get dancing girls and have some fun shaking it with your baby!

We would love to hear from you so leave us a comment below! Have you ever practiced babywearing dance with your little one? What did you like the most about it?

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