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My Journey Through Loss- Little LionHeart

Little Lion Heart

 Trigger Warning: Infant Loss A Note from the Editor: Last October 2016, Breastfeeding World supported families who experienced miscarriage, still birth, and Infant Loss. Our goal- to “Break the Silence” and stigma surrounding their grief during We are honored to feature mothers willing to commemorate their babies, gone too soon, by giving them a platform to share their experiences. So with that, […]

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A Voice For Miscarriage – Robyn’s Story

Breaking The Silence Series: Miscarriage, Still Birth & Infant Loss

I wish people werent afraid to talk to me

The team at Breastfeeding World is heartened by Wendy’s strength. She is breaking the silence of miscarriage, still birth, and infant death by honoring her son Killian through breastmilk donation, and her fundraiser. The truth is, while 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, the stigma behind it keeps the bereavement of many parents in […]

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