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What’s it like to Breastfeed a Toddler?

I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed my children. What I didn’t know, was for how long. With my first baby, I had set a goal to make it a year. I was sadly disappointed when I only made it three months. With this baby, I didn’t set any goals. Instead, I took it […]

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New York City’s Rainbow Photo Shoot with Kim Max Photography

It Shouldn’t Hurt To Nurse Your Baby- So Why Does It? By: Lisa Paladino, IBCLC

 Controversy: “Mommy Wars”? The topic of breastfeeding can be very controversial. It is hard not to rouse strong feelings when discussing baby feeding methods and choices. It almost seems as though the infant feeding industry benefits from the underlying tensions among us. While I try to remain level-headed and not contribute to the so-called “mommy […]

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What You Need To Know When You See a Teal Pumpkin

White, green, orange and maybe even yellow pumpkins, are found in just about any pumpkin patch, but have you ever seen a teal pumpkin? I have. Ok, not in a pumpkin patch, but definitely on store shelves. Many see the teal pumpkins and think, “that’s pretty”. But, there is far more behind the teal pumpkin […]

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Motherhood: How To Do It All

I bet you came here seeking the answers. How, in motherhood, do we do it all? Well, we don’t. I am “writing” this using Siri while I cut strawberries for my 2-year-old, as I think about all of the things that I need to do today. On that list: At some point, I need to […]

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