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From Pretty to Powerful: How Today’s Princess Paradigm has Changed Everything for our Kids

The Princess Paradigm of Our Youth was simple The princesses we grew up with were beautiful and in love.  They were also victims of circumstance. To play princess meant two things. First, you must be beautiful. Second, you must fall in love with a handsome prince. And the prince didn’t matter. Heck, half of them […]

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What Breastfeeding Taught Me

Have you seen the diaper commercial that compares the difference in how a mom behaves with the first child to how she is with the second child. With the first child, she has everything, including the kitchen sink, packed in the diaper bag and the stroller, then forgets to load the baby into the stroller. […]

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A Mother’s Worst Fear

I lay here and watch her eat My baby girl, who’s only 4 months old. Not often do I think of the future, our future, her future because it is simply too hard to grasp. I still can’t even believe she is here. But in this moment, just for a brief minute, I think to […]

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Don’t Be A Lonely Stay-At-Home Parent This Holiday Season

Office holiday parties, silly holiday sock exchanges, catered lunches or breakfasts….and the list continues. These are the ‘luxuries’ that one half a single income parenting duo experiences during the holiday season. I am no stranger to the feelings of isolation, exclusion and plain envy that comes with being a stay-at-home parent. There was a time […]

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Our Green House: Making My Own Gift Basket

A few of my favorite things: Especially now that I am a mom. Especially, especially during the holidays. One stop shopping: I need a place where I can buy something for everyone. The idea of going to multiple stores when they are all packed out with people, with two kids in tow, while nearly 8 […]

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What’s it like to Breastfeed a Toddler?

I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed my children. What I didn’t know, was for how long. With my first baby, I had set a goal to make it a year. I was sadly disappointed when I only made it three months. With this baby, I didn’t set any goals. Instead, I took it […]

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