A few of my favorite things:

Especially now that I am a mom. Especially, especially during the holidays.

One stop shopping:

I need a place where I can buy something for everyone. The idea of going to multiple stores when they are all packed out with people, with two kids in tow, while nearly 8 months pregnant… in the snow and cold, is literally the most miserable thing in the universe. While I love shopping for a special gift for every special person in my life, I also like my sanity. So, if I can go to one place and get everyone a gift; that is now my new favorite place.

Personal, special gifts:

So, remember how I said I like my sanity? Well, I am totally about to contradict myself. I love me a one stop shop, but the desire to give someone special, something special to show them that I love and care about them, wins, more often then not. Naturally, I find myself going to the end of the Earth to get that extra special perfect gift.

Online shopping:

Many times, I find myself solving my personal, special gifts desire (problem is probably a better word here), with online shopping. My Etsy recent orders list is a mile long, pretty much at all times. But, it is not always easy to shop on Etsy, especially when you are short on time.

Okay. But, what about a place that combines all of these?

Can that be so!?

Recently, we did some giveaways here at Breastfeeding World, for our Week of Thanks. It was so incredibly fun and I was given the opportunity to try out one of our giveaway prizes.

Our Green House gave me a $50 credit to make my own gift basket.

Make my own gift basket, which sounds pretty awesome, perfect for the perfectionist that I am!

So, remember that list from above? Yeah, that is basically My Green House.

They have pre-done gift baskets for everyone in your life! While, their focus is welcoming a new baby, they have not forgotten the important art of taking care of everyone. The pre-done gift baskets are awesome and so diverse; there really is something for everyone.

As I created my own gift basket…

I found an incredible range of items that I could choose from. Now, while I am very interested in giving gifts to others, I definitely wanted these goodies for myself! Hey, I am allowed, I am welcoming a new little in February. Don’t judge me.

Organic clothing, soaps, baby toys, nursery décor, I could go on! And, you were able to choose what to send all of the goodies in, a cute basket, tote, or a simple box. I was blown away at the idea that I could make a special, personal gift basket with such variety. You choose your price point, you choose the basket, you choose what goes inside, you even choose the ribbon. And then… they put it together for you. Mail it for you. It is everything that a busy momma like me, who still has that desire to give something special to someone special, needs in life.

Seriously, I loved it!

With a super user friendly website, I was able to browse different categories, based on size, color, décor style, theme, or type of item. But, even though it was user friendly, it was not easy to narrow down what I wanted because everything was SO CUTE. Which is a good problem to have. You literally could give a hundred gifts and never gift the same one twice. I mean really, that is awesome.

Babies have this way of just showing up whenever they want (I mean, don’t they take us planners into consideration!?). Which makes it difficult to give a personal gift in a timely fashion without paying your salary in rush charges. Just another reason I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I took my time, decided on what I wanted, despite many interruptions from my little darlings, and really put care into choosing each piece for my sweet new arrival, all to have it appear within a few days, beautifully packaged for a flat $4.95 shipping rate (YES! To flat rate shipping!).

When I was given this $50 credit, I was not sure what to expect, as I had not heard of Our Green House before. I was beyond pleasantly surprised and Our Green House has just gained a loyal customer in me. They are the perfect place to find that special gift any time of the year and I am thrilled to be able to share them with all of you in the busiest time of year. Sit down momma, put your feet up and choose the perfect gift for a special family in your life.

Or… spend some money on yourself, you deserve it!



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