Month: June 2016

Our First Annual Hamilton County Big Latch On

Hamilton county big latch on

Breastfeeding World’s Big Latch On Events are Growing! Last year, Breastfeeding World’s Founder, Alexia Garcia, with her friend and volunteer event coordinator, Lisa Maloney, hosted Breastfeeding World’s first ever Annual NYC Big Latch On. In the heart of Times Square in NYC, they gathered 76 nursing moms and over 100 breastfeeding supporters. Together, New York’s mothers celebrated their breastfeeding community. Spreading the […]

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Purple Crying & Shaken Baby Syndrome; Pt 1

The Horror of Shaken Baby Syndrome My community has been recently rocked with the news of the death of a two month old. Her father has been accused of shaking his two month old daughter. He is officially being charged with her death. The mothers work place is holding a fundraiser to pay for the funeral. The community […]

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An Act of Motherly Love: Exclusively Hand Expressing

hand expressing, exclusively hand expressing, breastfeeding world, nursing moms, breastfeeding moms,

Sharing this article is super exciting for us but first let us tell you more about our guest author. We reached out to Rebecca after seeing her beautiful picture and read her short version of a true act of motherly love on her Instagram account: @rawfullywholesome. She is a devoted wife, mother of two beautiful princesses Caprice, 3 […]

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Human Milk Banking

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Many mothers informally share their pumped milk with other women who need breastmilk for their babies. The formal channel of obtaining donated breastmilk is through a milk bank accredited by the Human Milk Banking Association of America. As the umbrella organization for non-profit donor milk banks, HMBANA sets and enforces research-based guidelines and provides communication […]

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