Month: April 2016

Infant Swallowing During Breastfeeding

swallowing breastmilk

Understanding The Process of Swallowing for Breastfeeding Babies There are many moving parts when it comes to breastfeeding. One piece that is often overlooked or misunderstood is the process of swallowing.  Source Swallowing entails three phases. The oral phase- sucking the milk into the mouth and moving it towards the back of the mouth. The […]

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NYC Mother Removed from Courtroom for Breastfeeding

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Vivian Morales, a NYC mother was put out of a courtroom because she was breastfeeding her 9 month old baby. Earlier today as Vivian accompanied her fiancé to a hearing at the Bronx Criminal Court (161st and Sheridan) their 9 month old baby became hungry. Being a breastfeeding mother and knowing her rights as being […]

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Solidarity with the survivors of the Earthquake in Ecuador

Growing Up Daycare

To Daycare, or Not To Daycare Deciding on a daycare is one of the biggest decisions you make with new parenthood. The ability to stay home with your children, or have a family member stay with them, isn’t always financially feasible for many families. So they turn to finding alternate care. There are a lot of options […]

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