Month: May 2015

Calling all NYC badass breastfeeders

NYC Badass Breastfeeders, NYC breastfeeding moms, nyc breastfeeding world project, photography project, alexia garcia, alegares photography

Hi there gorgeous NYC moms! I have to admit, coming up with the title for this post made me giggle quite a bit but there was no better title than the one that was chosen. It was actually in the “NYC Badass Breastfeeders” Facebook community that the idea – of what I’ll be explaining in a bit […]

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What happened at the Today Show?

nurse in, nyc nurse in, today show, breastfeeding pictures, brelfie, alegares photography, breast is best, nyc breastfeeding world project, nurse in at the today show

On Thursday, May 21, Kathie Lee and Hoda had a segment on their show that included the topic of breastfeeding pictures on social media. They stated that although breastfeeding is beautiful, it was TMI to share pictures on social media. It caused a uproar among breastfeeding pages on facebook. A Nurse-In was organized for May […]

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