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What Do You Need To Know About Handling Breastmilk?

Everything you ever need to know about handling breastmilk- Guides from a Daycare Provider- pumping milk, working mom, pumping mom, handle breastmilk, freeze breastmilk, breastmilk storage, dethaw breastmilk

When you are an exclusively breastfeeding mother, handling breastmilk is a no-brainer Boob produces milk Baby drinks from boob Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? But when you are not “the one with boobs”, handling that liquid gold gets a little more complicated. Because let’s be honest here- no one wants to be the one to […]

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Why Letting Your Baby Wet Nurse isn’t the End of the World

why letting your baby wet nurse isnt the end of the world

Every breastfeeding working mother knows the struggle involved with going back to work and pumping. What if your child doesn’t take a bottle? You could feel afraid that your baby will favor the bottle more than the breast. That’s where we ended up. Wet nurse: a woman who breastfeeds and cares for another woman’s child. In our case, our wet […]

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A Cuddle Cot For NY Methodist Hospital

Second Time Around- Heather’s Breastfeeding Journey of Love

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PLIDA Statement: Lactation After Perinatal Loss

PLIDA statment- lactation after perinatal loss

PLIDA Recently Released a Positional Statement on Lactation after Perinatal Loss The Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance has released a statement on Lactation after Perinatal Loss. According the website, PLIDA is “An alliance of professional groups,, institutions, and individuals who provide care and support to families who experience perinatal loss.” Their goal is to be […]

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