Hi there! First of all, thanks for visiting our project's website. Let me tell you a little more about what this is all about....

Breastfeeding World began as a project using the art of photography. In this, we aim to showcase the beauty and essence of breastfeeding through outstanding images from talented photographers all over the world.

But the Photo Project is more than that!

It is also a promotion aimed at showing that not only is breastfeeding is natural, but that mothers have a legal to nurse babies and toddlers in public. In providing families a platform to normalize breastfeeding through imagery, The Breastfeeding World Photo Project created the perfect opportunity for it's participants to share with others the struggles and successes that they might have faced during their breastfeeding journey. By doing so, we are able to join together within a breastfeeding World of women, empowering and  and providing a support network for nursing mothers all around the world.

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"Spreading the Breastfeeding Love"

Sadly, many women are still uninformed of the great benefits of providing breastmilk to their little ones. Other women try nursing, but get lost in the process since they don't have the support they need. Some are so overwhelmed by motherhood itself that they give up their dream of breastfeeding all together. And yet, even with the proper knowledge and support, some families find it medically necessary to end their breastfeeding journey before they intend to. Keeping this in mind, Breastfeeding World's main goal is to encourage new moms and moms-to-be to overcome their fears, find support, and "Spread the breastfeeding love" in a loving manner.

We have had the opportunity to get to know and to photograph some lovely mothers with great testimonies ranging from being diagnosed with cancer to having been discriminated for breastfeeding in public, all these wonderful women had one objective in their minds: providing the very best for their babies, and they - against all odds - went for it and have succeeded so far!

What began with a single NYC photographer with a passion for photography and breastfeeding, has grown into a beautiful network of photographers from all over the world.

These photographers volunteer their time and talent because they believe in this project, they believe in empowering women, and they believe in the bonding power and natural beauty found between mother and child. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow Breastfeeding World on Social Media to stay up to date with our next photography session!




Alexia Garcia, Alegares Photography

Alexia Garcia is the Founder of Breastfeeding World, a support project which began with her passion for normalizing breastfeeding through photography. As the lead photographer, her work is exemplified in the photo shoots and Big Latch On events she captures in both Martha's Vineyard and New York City.

Jacob Breaux, Jacob Breaux Photography

I am Jacob Breaux, a photographer from New Iberia, Louisiana. I have been doing photography professionally for several years now. Growing up photography was always a hobby of mine. I love what I do, it is such and awesome feeling to provide something that you will cherish for years and years. I am not your traditional photographer, I don’t just point and shoot. I am heavily involved in every shoot I do. I strive to deliver something new and exciting to my clients. I do not want to just produce great images for people, I want to live the experience with them.

Jenni Effinger, Quite Dandy Photography

Jenni Effinger is a natural light photographer who is passionate about capturing the natural interactions between her subjects. And what is more natural and beautiful than the bond between mother and child? Jenni loves focusing on fresh-48 and family photography, and not only covers Central Indiana's Big Latch On, but also hosts several shoots for Breastfeeding World throughout the year under her business, Quite Dandy Photography. 


Ashley Ohlson Strap, Phosphorus Photography

Ashley Ohlson Stramp is the lead photographer in this Seattle, WA based photography company. Her personal philosophy is that everyone is beautiful and photogenic, it is up to the photographer to bring that out in each individual. She sees to make her clients look their best while having a good time and feeling comfortable. She is truly honored to get to see people in a unique way behind the lens of her camera.

Erica Farwell Photography

Erica's style is described as light, airy, and joyful portrait photography. AS a military spouse currently stationed in the Pacific Island of Guam with her family, Erica is a mother of two who strives to make her clients feel happy and relaxed while having fun and enjoying the moments she captures with her lens. She hails from Tennessee and embodies southern hospitality in all aspects of her life. Her recent project as a Featured Photographer for Breastfeeding World is the first event Erica has participated in to give the community of Guam a space and face in Breastfeeding World's nation wide photography project. She continues to do portrait photography for families on island using the beauty of the pacific.

Brian and Amy Grissom, Rogue Art Photography

A Brownsburg, IN husband and wife photography team, Rogue Art photography participated in our "Breaking the Silence Photoshoot. A little about them: If we've learned anything over this past decade, we've learned that family pictures are far more important than you think. The cliche statement that says, "Kids grow up so fast" is unfortunately true, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy every minute of it. A picture is more than a picture. It's a story. So lets tell the story of our kids, and lets tell it well.

Current Breastfeeding Photoshoot Locations Include:

Martha's Vineyard
Central Indiana
New York City
Seattle, WA