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Breastfeeding Tips for the New Mom

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I always knew I wanted to breastfeed. I was one of those women that secretly used to think that women that chose not to breastfeed were selfish… until I had my son. One week in, I completely understood why those women might have given up. I understand that some women may have supply issues, or […]

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Overcoming Reoccurring Plugged Ducts

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Ask any breastfeeding mom who has struggled with an oversupply, (or even some of us that haven’t, but are just unlucky), what thoughts race through her mind when she wakes up in the morning and realizes that her baby slept a few hours longer than usual…?  – The first thought will be something along the […]

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The World of Play Through the Senses

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  So any mom who has ever explored the wonders that is Pinterest has most likely seen a variety of sensory activities run across your page.  What’s the deal? Sensory play, aside from being amazingly exciting for kids, and generally a huge mess for adults, is actually extremely beneficial to a childs development and learning processes.  […]

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