The Only Nursing Bra (and Jammies) that You’ll Ever Need- Kindred Bravely Review

Today I want to share with you an awesome company, Kindred Bravely. Kindred Bravely is a company devoted to creating maternity and postpartum clothes that are effortlessly chic and beautiful, while still being comfy and practical. Founded by Deeanne Akerson, who was sick of all of the impractical and often times, ugly, maternity wear (especially for […]

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Nursing from a Nurse’s Perspective

I often get asked this question, “How did you know that breastfeeding was right for you?” To be completely honest, I haven’t given much thought to NOT breastfeed. I mean, it is SO good for your baby and there are many health benefits. So, why wouldn’t I? Being a full-time Registered Nurse, I know how beneficial breastfeeding […]

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Announcing our Second NYC Big Latch On

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