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Second Time Around- Heather’s Breastfeeding Journey of Love

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Second Time Around- Heather’s Breastfeeding Journey of Love As part of our new section dedicated to our amazing readers “Facebook’s Breastfeeding World” we have chosen this lovely story submitted by the wonderful Heather Hoskins – mother of 2 – who wishes to inspire new mommies to not give up easily in their breastfeeding journey, their […]

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10 things to NEVER say to a troubled breastfeeding momma!

Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful and simple way to feed your baby. But, let’s be real…many breastfeeding journeys do not start out even close to any of those things. The first three months of my troubled breastfeeding journey were extremely hard. From a bad latch and jaundice to a full body allergic reaction, to thrush and […]

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To Cover or Not to Cover

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As a first time mom, a nursing cover was on my must-have registry list.  Honestly, before my son was born, the thought never crossed my mind to nurse uncovered.  I had never seen anyone breastfeed without a cover before, and for all I knew, it could have been illegal to do so!  (It totally is […]

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