Honoring Our Military Breastfeeding Mamas

I know Veteran’s Day has already passed, but I thought it would be a great idea to honor our fellow mamas who have breastfed and/or pumped for their babies while serving. So, I had asked a few mamas to share photos of themselves (in or out of uniform) and sharing their stories and experiences. I got […]

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What Breastfeeding Taught Me

Have you seen the diaper commercial that compares the difference in how a mom behaves with the first child to how she is with the second child. With the first child, she has everything, including the kitchen sink, packed in the diaper bag and the stroller, then forgets to load the baby into the stroller. […]

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A Mother’s Worst Fear

I lay here and watch her eat My baby girl, who’s only 4 months old. Not often do I think of the future, our future, her future because it is simply too hard to grasp. I still can’t even believe she is here. But in this moment, just for a brief minute, I think to […]

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Don’t Be A Lonely Stay-At-Home Parent This Holiday Season

Office holiday parties, silly holiday sock exchanges, catered lunches or breakfasts….and the list continues. These are the ‘luxuries’ that one half a single income parenting duo experiences during the holiday season. I am no stranger to the feelings of isolation, exclusion and plain envy that comes with being a stay-at-home parent. There was a time […]

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