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Announcing BFW Louisiana’s Photoshoot with Jacob Breaux Photography

Milk Bath & Maternity Photography by Jacob Breaux, Breastfeeding World's Photographer

It brings us great joy to announce that this year our efforts to “Spreading the Breastfeeding Love” have brought us far. Just as previous years we will be hosting our annual most iconic and beloved Big Latch On events in Times Square, Central Indiana, Martha’s Vineyard and …… this 2017….. we’re bringing it to: Seattle, […]

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Announcing Breastfeeding World in Seattle for the Big Latch On!

Join The Third Annual Times Square, NYC Big Latch On!

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Come Join Central Indiana’s Big Latch On!

Hamilton County Big Latch On

Last year, over 200 mothers and babies gathered on the steps of the Hamilton County Judicial Building and fed their babies, thus participating in Central Indiana’s Big Latch On This year, for 2017, Breastfeeding World is doing it again with Central Indiana’s Big Latch On! With the help of our volunteers, sponsors, and donors, we […]

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Why you need to discuss “Safe” and “Unsafe” touch

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Every parent’s worst fear is having their child subjected to sexual harassment and defilement. In many communities, most especially traditional ones where the culture keeps kids at bay by the unsaid kids-are-to-be-seen-but-not-heard, listen-to-your-elders, treat-your-elders-with-respect mentality, the topic of “safe” and “unsafe” touch is rarely discussed. But when it is, it’s often because that child has already […]

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