What You Need To Know When You See a Teal Pumpkin

White, green, orange and maybe even yellow pumpkins, are found in just about any pumpkin patch, but have you ever seen a teal pumpkin? I have. Ok, not in a pumpkin patch, but definitely on store shelves. Many see the teal pumpkins and think, “that’s pretty”. But, there is far more behind the teal pumpkin […]

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My Child Has A Food Allergy, And Yes, You Should Care

“Why should I care about their food allergies?”   “Seriously, my daughter only likes peanut butter and jelly. What is she supposed to eat if the school is a Peanut/Tree Nut Free place?”   “Can’t they just sit at a different table or something?”   “Why should we have to suffer because they can’t have […]

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Infant Massage: The Power of Touch

Infant massage

From day one, babies want to feel secure, safe, warm, and comforted. After all, they were evicted from the only home they’ve ever known, the womb. Actually, babies crave touch after birth. Which is why most hospitals, midwives and birth intructors encourage skin to skin contact immediately after birth. Our littles learn very early on […]

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The Motherhood Support System You Were Looking For Is Here- The Milk Mates Project

Milk Mates is the newest Breastfeeding World project! Conceptualized by a local Central Indiana mom; it’s geared towards supporting new breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding World began as a photography project– its goal to normalize breastfeeding by showcasing the beauty of the bond between mother and child. From there, we have grown. From our Coast to Coast […]

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