Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

New Mom Confessions: Will I Ever Stop Hating My Partner?

Aliya Cutler's Breastfeeding World Mom Blog Debut- a bluntly honest, tongue-in-cheek description about the relationships between new mother and new father, and answers the question- Will I Ever Stop Hating My Partner? | Post Partum Depression | Newborn | New Mom | New Dad | Relationship goals | Post Partum Recovery | Breastfeeding Mom | Breastfed Newborn | New Parents | New Parent Tips | Doula | Birth Tips | Birthing Tips|

We’ve all seen the movies- a young, gorgeous couple has drunk sex, conceives a baby effortlessly, woman goes into labor and channels all of her discomfort at her husband- yelling and cursing at him, “YOU DID THIS TO ME”. Then baby is born (magically already clean and swaddled) and the parents share a knowing look, […]

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How to Overcome Anxiety over Delegating Parenting Duties

anxiety over delegating parenting duties

As nature would have it, moms are biologically predisposed to be nurturers and caregivers. And, society has also played a significant role in shaping parental duties over the past years. As a result, moms traditionally take care of their baby most of the time. Often, this leads to uneven division of responsibilities at home. Being […]

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5 Essential Ways Babywearing Helps you Deal with Postpartum Depression

Every mom knows well that motherhood, no matter how wonderful and rewarding it is, can be challenging and tiring. Especially in the first few months of your baby’s life.   Although our little bundles of joy do make us happy, many new moms find themselves dealing with postpartum depression in addition to many demanding responsibilities […]

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What happens to me when my baby is weaning?

weaning, anxiety, motherhood, breastfeeding, breastfeeding world,

Mothers invest a lot of time and energy into their breastfeeding relationship. Outside of pregnancy, breastfeeding is a journey that will require more of her than she ever thought possible. Any nursing mother knows the hard work and dedication, the pain and the tears, the closeness and the joy, the consistent surrendering and offering of […]

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