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Dear Active Fathers

It’s June! Time for outdoor BBQ’s, summer break, and Father’s Day. So this month our Breastfeeding World Team is celebrating the Active Father, half of our parenting team “So Lauren,” my brother in law asked, “what went through your mind, when Todd told you that he wanted to take the kids on vacation by himself?” […]

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‘You’re Not The Woman I Married’ – How Motherhood Changed My Marriage

We had taken Squid to have his feet measured and he was having none of it. Shoulder to shoulder, the shop brimmed with families. Of course, there were no available shoe fitters- and I’d had enough. I grabbed our small person and walked out of the shop, leaving my husband behind in the chaos. And, […]

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To My True Support System: From a Single Mom, with Love

There was a recently shared breastfeeding photo of me,  with the caption, “The loving support of your spouse is crucial to a successful breastfeeding journey.”  I was ecstatic for one of my photographs featured by a breastfeeding in public movement. Yet I took a little offense to the caption.  While I’m sure the support of […]

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