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How to Create a Lovely Reading Nook for Your Child -by Emma Lawson

reading nook breastfeeding world

Creating the perfect reading nook is a great way to get your child excited about curling up with a good book. Encouraging your children to read is very important for their development and education, especially these days when many people are more likely to watch a movie. Reading has numerous benefits for the brain. Envisioning plots […]

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Army Moms Who Make Breastfeeding Work- Lindsay Martin Guest Post

Our breastfeeding journey started out rocky The Doctors induced me at 36 weeks because of my daughter’s diagonosis with severe intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). She was born 40 hours later via emergency c-section at 3.5 lbs. Perfectly healthy, just small. Due to her size, she spent 14 days in the NICU. So the situation left […]

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Excuse Me Miss – You Seem to Be Leaking

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No has ever said that motherhood is dignified. I am sure that if you spoke with any mother, they would tell you that it is quite the opposite. Dealing with diaper blow outs and projectile vomit, there is no shortage of bodily fluids to be covered in at any given time. I have handled exploding […]

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My Journey Through Loss- Little LionHeart

Little Lion Heart

 Trigger Warning: Infant Loss A Note from the Editor: Last October 2016, Breastfeeding World supported families who experienced miscarriage, still birth, and Infant Loss. Our goal- to “Break the Silence” and stigma surrounding their grief during We are honored to feature mothers willing to commemorate their babies, gone too soon, by giving them a platform to share their experiences. So with that, […]

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