Baby Food

Feeding Skill Development

Adapted from “Development of Feeding Progression,” by Erin Sundseth Ross, from Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Evaluation and Treatment (2012). While most people could tell you that babies typically start eating solids around 6 months, few understand why. Just like other areas of child development, oral feeding follows a typical progression of skills. Prenatal: Developing babies start […]

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Starting Solids Part 1: 3 Reasons to Delay

Starting Solids with my 6 month old

First, a tiny celebration. My Little Man turned 6 months old last week! He is quickly loosing that sweet newborn squishiness. He is becoming his own (not so) little, noisy, happy guy. O is filled with wanderlust and exploring new things. He is siting up for longer periods of time. He said his first word, “Lyla”; his big sisters name. […]

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