Child Development

How to Create a Lovely Reading Nook for Your Child -by Emma Lawson

reading nook breastfeeding world

Creating the perfect reading nook is a great way to get your child excited about curling up with a good book. Encouraging your children to read is very important for their development and education, especially these days when many people are more likely to watch a movie. Reading has numerous benefits for the brain. Envisioning plots […]

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5 Reasons I Love Nursing My SPD Special Needs Toddler

5 reasons I love nursing my special needs toddler

In a chaotic world, there is nothing better for my SPD, special toddler, than nursing. My two year old, who I will call “Miss Spunky”, is on the Autism spectrum. She has Asperger’s and SPD- Sensory Processing Disorder. With these, there are lots of meltdowns, over-stimulation, stimming, and all sorts of adventures added to our […]

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