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Our very first NYC Big Latch On 

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I think that the best words to describe the way I feel at the moment would be “pure happiness and satisfaction”, I’ll tell you why… – Exactly two weeks ago we decided to jump in the wagon and organize our very first Big Latch On in NYC with the help of my co-hosts Lisa Maloney […]

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NYC breastfeeding moms peacefully protest against Big Morning Buzz show  

big morning buzz, breastfeeding moms, nyc breastfeeding moms, nyc breastfeeding world project, breastfeeding world project, alexia garcia, alegares photography, times square photo session

This post took longer than expected to be published and I apologize for that, things with Alegares Photography have thankfully gotten busier but I’m doing my best at keeping up with everything related to the project as well.  That being said… On June 5 the lovely Lisa Maloney and I, Alexia García, organized a Nurse-In […]

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What happened at the Today Show?

nurse in, nyc nurse in, today show, breastfeeding pictures, brelfie, alegares photography, breast is best, nyc breastfeeding world project, nurse in at the today show

On Thursday, May 21, Kathie Lee and Hoda had a segment on their show that included the topic of breastfeeding pictures on social media. They stated that although breastfeeding is beautiful, it was TMI to share pictures on social media. It caused a uproar among breastfeeding pages on facebook. A Nurse-In was organized for May […]

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Actor Norman Reedus Pro Breastfeeding

Norman Reedus, norman reedus pro breastfeeding, the walking dead pro breastfeeding, nyc breastfeeding world,

If you love actor Norman Reedus from the famous tv show “The Walking Dead” then Breastfeeding moms, get ready to love him even more!  During a recent “meet and greet” with fans, two babywearing – breastfeeding (I bet, very crunchy) moms got their chance to have a conversation with Norman Reedus. One of the moms […] Read more…

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