Month: September 2017

The Motherhood Support System You Were Looking For Is Here- The Milk Mates Project

Milk Mates is the newest Breastfeeding World project! Conceptualized by a local Central Indiana mom; it’s geared towards supporting new breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding World began as a photography project– its goal to normalize breastfeeding by showcasing the beauty of the bond between mother and child. From there, we have grown. From our Coast to Coast […]

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Boundaries for nursing toddlers: How to maintain a harmonious nursing relationship

Nursing etiquette – breastfeeding your child past infancy Let’s face it, anyone who is breastfeeding a toddler knows that it is a totally different ball game to nursing a tiny, squishy newborn. Gone are the days where there’s no need for nursing boundaries. Forgotten memories linger of quiet, still, cozy breastfeeding sessions. No longer can […]

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