When I had my baby it was only natural for me to breastfeed her, there was no other option in my mind, but let me also start by saying that I was a formula fed baby and my mom formula fed both my brother and sister too and the thought of breastfeeding wasn’t always on my mind.

I honestly thought formula was the only way to feed your child, I remember helping mix the bottles to feed my sister. Yes, I had seen people breastfeed, but it wasn’t something I even looked twice and thought about, most babies always had a bottle in their mouth and that’s the way it was suppose to be.

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When my mom had me back in the 80s (I was the first born) the hospital told her that formula was pretty much the same (if not better) than breastfeeding and that for a working-mom like her the easiest thing was to start with formula, I don’t think she even gave me the colostrum. If you knew my mom you would see that there is NOTHING in this world that she loves more than her kids, she has given everything for us, so let me just say that I know that formula fed babies ARE NOT loved less than breastfed babies, I know this to be true because of my mom and because I have lots of friends that formula fed their kids and love their children unconditionally.

…I was a formula fed baby, yet I chose to breastfeed…

What I did learn from my mom’s experience and my experience is that information is an important key to breastfeeding in this day and age. My mom even told one time when she saw me breastfeeding “I can’t believe I never breastfed you, I was just told I didn’t have to struggle and that formula was my better option”, she was new mom, in a new country and she believed it.

When I was pregnant I didn’t really think much about formula or breastfeeding, I think in the back of my mind I knew the option was going to be formula. My husband who is a veterinarian asked me during our first trimester “you are breastfeeding right? It’s very important” he told me about the benefits, and I understood it even from a mammal point of view. He wasn’t being pushy, but he did get me thinking for the first time “am I going to breastfeed?”.

diane pecho 2During the beginning of my second trimester I took childbirth classes, our guide would constantly remind us about the beauty and importance of breastfeeding and the more I learned about it the more it became clear I needed to breastfeed. I started reading about it, I read so many blogs, books, asked around and learned more about it in my class, I was very fascinated about the wonderful things that come with breastfeeding your child, and the benefits that bring to both your child and yourself.

The day my daughter Alessandra was born I was still very nervous, would I do it right? Will it hurt? Will I succeed? So many thoughts went through my mind, and then I looked at her and I heard the nurse say “ok it’s time to breastfeed” and she placed Alessandra near me and my baby quickly found her way to my nipple, and latched on. Simple, quick and natural, that was it, it was natural. All the books, all the blogs and all the advice that so many people gave went out the window because the reason I was breastfeeding my daughter was because it was natural and beautiful and because she wanted it, she needed it and she deserved it. I was still nurturing her through my body.

Now, even though I say it was natural, it doesn’t mean it was easy. We still struggled, we still had challenges, and yes, it stilled hurt, but just like crawling, walking or talking, they are all natural things to human beings yet it always takes practice and patience, but we can all get there.

This is my story, but it’s the beginning of my story, I hope you join me as I write about the challenges I faced, getting ready to go back to work and how I exclusively breast-pumped as well. 

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